Recovery From Childbirth – How to Gain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

After recovery from childbirth, the next immense thing you need to consider is how to shed off the excess weight you have gained. Women with normal weight before pregnancy will gain up to 45 pounds. Right after giving birth, you lose about 14 pounds because of baby weight and excess fluids in the body.

However, the figures do not apply to all. Some women are left to deal with a more serious weight loss problem. While to others, even though they have lost considerable weight, it does not give that message especially when there are excess and lose fats that are pretty conspicuous.

How does one gain pre-pregnancy body back? If you stop eating for two and you ingest healthier foods in your body, team it up with exercise and have an active lifestyle, excess weight will be removed naturally.

Step 1: Be a busy body. When you are idle, you are giving your body more chance to accumulate fat. There are studies that say fidgety people are more likely to elude obesity than those who are not. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be fidgety though. However, it is ideal to squeeze in a lot of physical activities. Even daily chores such as cleaning your house, mowing the lawn, cooking or doing errands help a lot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you have all the time in the world, you dispense with the use of cleaning machines and do it manually.

Step 2: Have a specific physical fitness routine. You might want to set aside an hour of everyday specifically for exercising. You can jog around the park or enroll in a gym class. Pilates is a nice fat-burning workout program. Yoga is also beneficial not only to your body but also to your mind and spirit.

Step 3: Eat often but lessen your food portions. Eat every after 4 hours. It is better to have 3 small meals and 2 small snacks instead of just eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner in bigger portions. When your stomach has something to digest, it keeps metabolism running. If you go for hours without food, you will crave for something to eat. Also, it slows down metabolic process and might not be able to metabolize efficiently your next meal.

Step 4: Breastfeed your baby. Producing milk requires stored fats to be used up. Do try to breastfeed your baby not just for their nutrition but also as a way for you to slim down. In this way, you can have an easy recover from childbirth.